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Four-Thirty A.M. Get Up

10.10.23 Yesterday I started working on a watercolor piece. The idea to create is what inspires me to get up in the morning. I am excited to get out of bed to begin working on an art piece around four-thirty.

Waking up at four-thirty isn't new. I've awakened at that time for years. But, I would groan, look at my watch and go back to sleep.

Now, when I wake up, I am thrilled to be up. To begin my day exercising, moving and strengthening my body, taking care of the horses when the sun comes up, and THEN working on art. Creating. This time around, I am creating to truly develop my craft. I am drawing, sketching, painting, and writing. Watercolor being my medium of choice at the moment. Nature is my inspiration.

A couple of days ago, I worked on line drawing. I did lift my pen a couple of times, so I don't know if it counts as "line drawing". I added watercolor too.

I'm also getting in bed earlier and dropped the nighttime television routine. It is far more satisfying to utilize my time and energy to read, create, and practice art and music.

I also worked on this melon piece. I am using (and loving) Arteza Metallic Water Colors. I like how they sparkle and shimmer. Unfortunately, the effect isn't showing up in the photos.

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