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Lack = Blank Canvas

02.20.2024 For the past 2 weeks I've been struggling with feelings, beliefs, and thoughts of not having enough money. Thoughts about a bleak, impoverished future.

Still, I'd stagger into my studio and try to create. Try to create music, a video, an art project. Just to create something.

But, to no avail. So heavy with bitterness and pity, the art doesn't come.

I hear about artists who create beautiful work when they have felt depression, grief, despair, anger, etc. Dark, sad emotions.

Does that include feelings of lack? I haven't heard of any artists wallowing in thoughts of, "I don't have enough money" and creating a masterpiece.

For me, lack has blocked me from creating anything. The truth is, I have allowed lack to block me from creating anything.

Oh wait, I did put paint onto canvas last week. With no inspiration, just an empty attempt to place color onto a blank canvas. It all felt forced and soulless.

How do I get back to the place of inspiration? I must let go of lack. I must let go of fear for my future.

These are my thoughts. This is where I am today. Now. We'll see what comes next.

YOU, be joyful, my friend!

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