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I Hear. I See. I Feel.

10.16.2023 This morning I woke up feeling disconnected from the Universe. Completely out of alignment with Source.

And it's no surprise that my misalignment was about what I want to do with my life. My purpose. Wow! Seriously, how am I still struggling with this?

I could go on a tirade about that, but, I'm not. I forgive myself and move on.

I asked the Universe to guide me this morning. Rather than ponder, worry, and search for classes, courses, workshops, and jobs on my computer, I decided to trust that the Universe already knows what I desire.

It really is not my job to figure it all out. I am right where I am supposed to be. I was frustrated with not knowing what to do exactly. So, I set out to do the things I needed to do first. Knowing and trusting that something would come up.

I fed the horses, cleaned out the water bins, and cleared the pasture. Still in knowing that the Universe would give me clear guidance and direction. I fed Baxter. I worked my body, strength training with the kettlebell. My favorite.

I put on my headphones and my daily "Empowered Women Energy Uplift" playlist on YouTube Music. And reached for a greeting card blank. I'd glanced at the cover of "Draw Yourself Calm" by Amy Maricle. And was immediately inspired.

But, I will post that later this week.

I heard the whisper from the Universe. I was inspired by something I saw. And I felt how right it was to create a message. I hear. I see. I feel. Direct and Divine guidance. I appreciate the guidance the Universe has given me and I appreciate myself for being open to receiving.

Today, I'm posting a watercolor piece I was working on over the past few days. It was fun. I'm sort of pleased with how it came out. But, I'm not overjoyed.

I think inspirational, uplifting greeting cards are my thing. Again, I am thinking this. AGAIN.....but, that's okay. Right? I'm asking the Universe, not you. :)

Be Joyful, My Friend!

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