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What To Do?

12.23.2023 What to do? Where to go from here? It's been a few days since I started on this piece. I actually painted over a piece I did last year and painted over it again.

The original piece was just boring. The second time, the theme was going too cliche and serious. I couldn't build on it at all because I wasn't feeling it.

This time I am totally feeling it but I'm struggling with what elements to add.

There's space at the bottom that needs to be filled with something. I need to blend it together with color and more texture.

I'm excited to see and explore where this is going. I also feel like I need to know how to draw better—especially the human figure. I get ideas in my head but can't implement them because I lack the skill. My resistance here is due to my belief that I know I don't want to do realism. And, learning to draw realistic may take me down that path OR I won't be able to draw what I see perfectly.

Ugh! Fear and blocks! Oh, and the time I think it will take to get to the place of satisfaction that allows me to move forward with the ideas? Will I forget the ideas?

Anyway, here we are today. Stick around and see what develops.

Enjoy the journey!

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