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Woo-Hoo! New Studio!

01.05.2024 Okay, this picture is only showing 1/3 of the space. And I have yet to add all the rest of the stuff and to decorate. I'll post more pictures in a couple of weeks when it's more organized and pretty.

It's all put together and workable. I have power, a/c, heating, lighting, etc. What I need now is more shelving. I want open access to all my supplies and materials. All within reach.

I went with white walls so I could hang my work up against a solid background when taking photos for my website gallery. I'm also going to start submitting my work to contests. Which is new for me and honestly, a bit scary. But, it's about putting myself and my work out into the world. Giving others the opportunity to see what I have to offer as an artist. All I'm doing is saying "yes" to opportunities to share my work. That sounds a lot less daunting. I can work with that. :)

Today, I dropped off three pieces at Ground Floor Artists Two of the smaller pieces will go in their gift shop and the larger piece will go somewhere in the studios.

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